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LOVO Studio was added to AlternativeTo by Tom Lee on Mar 20, 2020 and this page was last updated Nov 17, 2023. LOVO Studio is sometimes referred to as LOVO.

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Tom Lee
Top positive commentMar 20, 2020

Super easy to use, and amazing human voices. It's saved me about $2,000 in VO!

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Top positive commentJul 23, 2020

This is revolutionary. The voices are nothing like what I previously experienced with older TTS software. It still has a long way to go compared to actual humans, but hey it's coming I'm sure. Idk what the other review is talking about. Works fine for me on Firefox and Safari.

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Top negative commentJun 3, 2020

What everyone else doesnt tell you is the program only supports Chrome and Mac OS browser. it does not even work with Internet Explorer, the people who make this program only supported the populor browser and not anything else like FIrefox.

Lovo studio is a deep fake program not a TTS program, it is very important to understand the difference because one is legal and other isnt in some places. Not really perfect has other "reviews" said it was, the program still makes any sound a robot, you better off using DAW than this program to make real life sounds.

The money is not worth it, browser support sucks and everything sounds like a robot.

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why do you still use Internet Explorer lol

Reply written Jul 23, 2020

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Daeseong Kim
Positive commentMar 24, 2020

It's super easy, can make unbelievable voice. Also LOVO's price plan is very reasonable compare to other service. When I sent some message to them, their reply are soooooo kind and fast. I love this product.

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Positive commentMar 21, 2020

I'm an author and I create audiobooks from time to time. I can add pauses and change speed, add emphasis, which makes the audiobook more natural. This is a game changer.

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Positive commentMar 20, 2020

The voices sound a bit robotic still, but this is the most natural and human TTS service I've seen so far. I use it to make my narrations for my online courses, saves me thousands of $$$ every month.

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