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    AI Voice Creation Platform for marketing, HR, audiobook, e-learning, movies and games. Choose from 60+ human-like, emotional voices in various accents, languages, and characters to turn any text into a commercial-grade audio. Or Clone your own voice!

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      What everyone else doesnt tell you is the program only supports Chrome and Mac OS browser. it does not even work with Internet Explorer, the people who make this program only supported the populor browser and not anything else like FIrefox. Lovo studio is a deep fake program not a TTS program, it is very important to understand the difference because one is legal and other isnt in some places. Not really perfect has other "reviews" said it was, the program still makes any sound a robot, you better off using DAW than this program to make real life sounds. The money is not worth it, browser support sucks and everything sounds like a robot.
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      14 days ago
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