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Top positive commentJan 19, 2018

LambdaTest clear-cut example of Out of the box thinking. Less pricing, Integration with Jira, Asana, Trello, and Slack and Smart UI testing attract me a lot. Their product has solved each and every problem that I have, regarding cross-browser compatibility of mine webapp.

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Top positive commentDec 18, 2017

The wide variety of OS and browser config choices provided by Lambdatest saved me a lot of infrastructure-related headaches to test my web-app. Indeed a flawless experience.

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Christopher Hewins
Positive commentJan 8, 2021

LambdaTest solved our core challenge of reducing the test execution time further improving the feedback loop significantly. The ability to run tests in parallel on a cloud infrastructure is smooth. We could quickly and continuously execute hundreds of tests in our builds with the help of Circle CI LambdaTest integration. UI is very intuitive , features like test analytics, custom tags makes the job for my team easy to filter out tests results for the team.

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Rafal Koszalka
Positive commentDec 31, 2020

LambdaTest Selenium Grid has been really productive for us to substantially shorten our test cycles and sustain cross-browser compatibility on the legacy versions of browsers. This was on priority as we could see the spike in users using our website from the older browser versions. Another feature I like most is its well designed UI, very stable and quick, which makes it easy to use and configure. LambdaTest also provides us with precise documentation of individual features to make the testing process easy to learn and implement. Cheers to LambdaTest! for giving us such a powerful tool.

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Zarina Almera
Positive commentDec 24, 2020

Using LambdaTest we could run all our functionality tests across various browsers, OS, and resolutions. We have a significantly large user base with some users accessing the product through browsers like Internet Explorer. LambdaTest was a big help to test over those rare combinations of browsers and OS. In addition the Lambdatest helped us find minute UI misalignments and browser compatibility issues faster. Especially test automation helped us bring down the time, effort, and cost of our deployment. Thanks to the support team for being available 24*7, and solving rare hiccups, then and there.

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Romila De Munshi
Positive commentNov 27, 2020

Running tests serially can be a good option when your product is at an early stage. But as we scaled the product, we needed a tool to reduce test time execution and pace up our test cycles. LambdaTest simplified the Selenium testing experience for us with their cloud based platform which allowed us to execute our test cases in parallel on hundreds of browsers. We could easily automate the test cases, get the sessions recorded and share the test reports across the team for assessment using Asana integration. We even leverage the integration with CircleCI to run automated tests on LambdaTest through our pipeline. The CircleCI Orb is handy for testing our privately hosted application.

It’s good to see now that using LambdaTest we could run multiple tests on multiple VM’s, saving us hours of testing time and maintenance cost of local infrastructure.

Personally, one thing that LambdaTest does very well is continuing to provide tutorials for testing, so that we stay up to speed and are even able to learn new things.I definitely saw myself applying a lot of the new concepts that I learned from their blogs.

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Matt D Burch
Positive commentNov 12, 2020

The industry we function (e-commerce) has a broad category of audience. We need to make sure our website is accessible to everyone irrespective of the browser / operating system they use. Ofcourse, responsive web design check is a major bullet point over our testing checklist as well. As a B2C, it's crucial for us to stay ahead of the customers and we wanted a solution which could help us ensure our changes would work seamlessly when shipped to the Production.

LambdaTest made a great fit here when considered the latest browsers on the product, ability to test local pages along with a complimentary access to LT browser which is an absolute delight for our developers and testers. It helps us save a considerable effort on responsive testing plus the native developer tools allow us to dig deep into any UI mismatch! Also As mentioned we could achieve wider test coverage in time by running multiple combinations of browsers in parallel with LambdaTest automation suite. Our director to purchase the subscription was due to their affordable pricing for the parallel tests and the communication from the support team!

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