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KISS Launcher Features

  1.  LightweightKISS Launcher consumes less device resources compared to similar apps.
  2.  Ad-freeKISS Launcher doesn't contain any form of external advertising.
  3.  Dark ModeKISS Launcher supports dark mode for comfortable usage in low light conditions.
  4.  Privacy focusedKISS Launcher is considered a privacy friendly alternative.
  5.  Works OfflineKISS Launcher can be used without the need to connect to the internet.
  6.  No registration requiredYou can use most of the features in KISS Launcher without registration.
  7.  Root requiredRequires root to use KISS Launcher, mainly relevant for Android apps.

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Leland Robinson
Top positive comment

This is my go to launcher on Android.


  • lightweight(uses about a MB of storage and 30-65MB of RAM)

-clean (this is subjective, I love having almost nothing on my home screen, see here:

-extensible (now has support for ONE widget, gestures, transparency effects, and icon themes)

-fast(Literally the more you use it, the better it becomes. You can set up your history to populate by usage, and the most recent selections will occur.


  • I would like for there to be an export settings function, it's very useful between flashing ROMs and device resets, helps me get back to speed faster.

-I also can't get rid of that little circle that indicates the typing prompt. I get why it still remains, but I'd rather it come in with the 'tap to show history' gesture. Perhaps a future option?

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Pavlin Lazarov
Top positive comment

The launcher is good but alphabet sorting is wrong I mean apps with letter A start at the bottom and apps with Z start at the top.

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Top negative comment

when people say lightweight they dont mean its great for ram but for storage. Its not 250kb the google play is 447kb, f-droid is 449kb. The total memory it will eat up is 16mb which automatically removes it as lightweight because many other luncers do the same thing. i do not think it will save your battery if you hate background apps running like this one. Fast? nope because again it is just another launcher that will take 16mb of memory. This does not go fast, less code does not make something go fast.

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This Launcher is very simple and its

  • Able to hibernate apps
  • Lightweight (200kb)
  • Only list view available

it has weakness like :

  • cant view apps on grid view
  • Widget not supported

so i will just give 3 stars

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Positive comment

Very simple, light and easy to use ! And it's a free software :)

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