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    I don't know why the alternatives coming up for KOL (Kingdom of Loathing) are mostly all clicker games. KOL is nothing like that. It is a real RPG which you can play alone, on your web browser. There are also communities to join and compare stats, get help, etc. I don't know if KOL Radio is still going. I listened when a friend was DJing there. KOL is fun, sarcastic and it really is free. Yes, you can get a thanks for donations to the game. But, playing free is great, donations are not required as far as game play. This is not a Facebook style game which limits your game play for dollars. KOL is a simple game to start, then it evolves as you get deeper into play. There is a guide to the game, it helps when you get lost or forget where you were and what you were working on when you last played.
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