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    Jewelry CAD Dream

    JCD is a powerful and robust jewelry design solution. Built on the ZW3D engine, it has a dynamic history, extensive jewelry tools and expanding component library. It further incorporates the Thea rendering engine to produce ultra-realistic images.

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      jethroiv1007 reviewed Jewelry CAD Dream
      Honestly, I tried to like it. The tutorials, known as the "Academy" by Jewelry CAD Dream are nicely formatted and well detailed. The problem is that said tutorial is now five years old. I wouldn't say that they are completely defunct, but I continuously run into issues not seen in the tutorial, struggle to find features that unknown to me are removed, etc. You'd expect the support to be helpful, but they give infuriatingly vague answers and are continuously late in responding to my inquiries and questions for help. The only saving grace that prevents me from making this into a 1 star is the fact that I occasionally do get help from John Cavallo, but I am also seeing other problems. For example, he offered me a different version of Jewelry CAD to use to circumvent a problem. Which makes me wonder, why isn't said version standard when we first download Jewelry CAD Dream? Will people new constantly have to ask for support for said new version, or are there even people who don't know about the version and face the problems without any assistance? Again, the software seems nice and the tutorials are great. But I keep running into problems without solutions, and the beginning tutorials are unfortunately not kept to date.
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      12 months ago
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