Insync is a Google Drive sync and backup client with multiple account support.

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    • Gu
      Guest reviewed Insync
      Been using Insync to sync Google Drive with Ubuntu 20.04 for a year. It’s deleted my entire harddrive TWICE and has been a giant headache for over a year. Program is full of bugs and needs to be re-installed and re-configured constantly. (literally about once a week with regular usage) DO NOT USE THIS PROGRAM TO BACKUP SENSITIVE DATA. (I lost 30 years of data) I wish there was an alternative for linux google drive usage. Since there isn’t, I just stopped using Google Drive. I still use Insync when my friends share google drive files with me, but this directory is unstable and I learned to keep it isolated from the rest of my system. Do not recommend. I do not trust this company.
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      about 1 month ago
    • cy6ernauti1uscy6ernauti1us thinks this post on Insync is helpful
      Deleted everything in my cloud. Worked great on my linux machine. Then I installed it on my windows laptop which was apparently a massive mistake. I changed the default sync directory and for some reason it didn't take. So I tried to change it. It wouldn't take the change so I uninstalled deleted the directory and reinstalled. As soon as the reinstall was done it proceeded to sync a blank directory to my cloud store and wiped everything out. Crap software that really needs to be reworked. Wouldn't trust in a professional environment. Stick with Google client.
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      about 2 months ago
    • Cr
      Cris70 doesn't think this post on Insync is helpful
      THIS IS THE WORST, MOST UNETHICAL COMPANY EVER. BUYER BEWARE! Oh, and worse yet, the software SUCKS for the outrageous price they want to charge. Delusions of grandeur.
      4 months ago