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Alternatives to Hypothes.is for Web, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and more. Filter by license to discover only free or Open Source alternatives. This list contains a total of 25+ apps similar to Hypothes.is.

Annotate with anyone, anywhere Our mission is to bring a new layer to the web. Use Hypothes.is to discuss, collaborate, organize your research, or take personal notes. If your looking for more info about Hypothes.is like screenshots, reviews and comments you should visit our info page about it. Below you find the best alternatives.

The list of alternatives was last updated: 3/13/2019 4:32:00 AM

Alternatives to Hypothes.is for all platforms with any license

  • NimbleNotes

    NimbleNotes is an online note taking and study platform, designed to help students learn more efficiently. Our digital notebook improves your learning workflow with instantly generated flashcard decks, study session analytics, and advanced filtering capabilities. NimbleNotes features three key elements to improve a student’s learning workflow.

    Freemium Web

    NimbleNotes icon
  • Liner

    "Liner" helps you highlight the web. Highlight your favorite sentences on Medium, Wikipedia, and PDF files. Liner saves all your highlights made across mobile and desktop. Share highlighted pages instead of sharing the entire article. Leave sentence-level feedback on web pages by leaving comments on the highlights itself. Highlight Everything with Liner.

    Freemium Mac Windows Web iPhone Chrome OS ... iPad PlayBook Chrome

    Liner icon
  • Inkdrop

    Inkdrop enables hackers to keep track of their daily progress when it comes to hacking in one convenient spot without having to rely on traditional word processors. Inkdrop features support for #Markdown with the ability to do code syntax highlighting as well as built-in syncing capabilities. Users can organize their progress in a clean, uniform way that's focused on ensuring that the information is easy to work through and can be read uniformly.

    Commercial $ $ $ Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone

    Inkdrop icon
  • Milanote

    The notes app for creative work. For the research, thinking and planning behind your next great piece of work. # Collect your thoughts Milanote is a place to put it all together. See your ideas, notes and research side by side. # Explore your options Milanote's fast & tactile interface makes it easy to experiment, play, generate ideas and explore possibilities. # Figure it out Gradually add structure as you start to see patterns and connections.

    Freemium $ $ $ Web

    Milanote icon
  • wheatt

    Wheatt is an online bookmarking tool that allows you to to quickly save links, and then search them in every useful way imaginable, in any combination. For example, you can find a link that is tagged "programming", where the page contains the text "ruby".

    Free Web

    No features added Add a feature

    wheatt icon
  • MemPad

    MemPad is a plain text outliner and note taking program with a structured index. All pages are stored in a single file. User interface available in 20 languages. Unicode. The program offers standard editing functions including cut, copy, paste, undo, date/time insert, drag&drop, and supports Web links as well as network and local file or folder links (full path not required) and internal page links. Environment variables can be used in file links to run programs, for example.

    Free Windows

    No features added Add a feature

    MemPad icon
  • Boostnote

    Boostnote is simple note app, code manager, snippet manager and memo app for software programmers. Boostnote saves all of your information about development. Be a hacker's brain. Using Boostnote is totally free. Premium plan is coming soon!

    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux

    Boostnote icon
  • Memex

    Memex is a productivity tool for knowledge workers like students, academics, journalists and entrepreneurs. It's a free, privacy-focused & open-source browser extension to cope with information overload on the web Find us on GitHub: github.com/worldbrain FEATURES: ========= --- Add notes to websites --- Highlight & annotate text in websites --- Search every word of every websites & PDF you've visited.

    Freemium Open Source Mac Windows Linux Web Chrome OS ... Self-Hosted Vivaldi Browser Chrome Firefox

    Memex icon
  • Note Board

    Productivity app. Save information like a sticky notes. You can create notes with images, videos or whatever you want. Save pages to read later or capture any web content with the chrome or firefox extension. Share boards with your friends. Create public boards.

    Free Web Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad ... Chrome Firefox

    Note Board icon
  • Cryptee

    Cryptee is a cross platform, encrypted and secure home for your private documents, notes, files and photos. You can take notes with photos, videos and audio in Cryptee and even attach a PDF or any other filetype. It uses a strong client-side AES256 zero-knowledge encryption and of course has all the features you'd expect like live sync with unlimited devices, rich document editing, todos, markdowns, hotkeys, code highlighting, latex, embeds, attachments, support for PDFs etc.

    Freemium $ $ $ Web Chrome OS

    Cryptee icon
  • Trilium Notes

    Features Notes can be arranged into arbitrarily deep hierarchy (tree) Notes can have more than 1 parents - see cloning Rich WYSIWYG note editing including e.g.

    Free Open Source Windows Linux Self-Hosted

    No features added Add a feature

    Trilium Notes icon
  • notesmartly

    Notesmartly is a free app which makes organizing your stuff a breeze .Notebooks, ability to draw using Scribbpads, Wideboards to collaborate in real time and more. It lets you take notes be it text note, image note, audio note or video notes and chat within a document all in one place. Create tasks within a document, your to-do lists, scanned documents and task planner all in one place. Put everything that matters in one place. Capture, share and keep everything safe for free.

    Free Mac iPhone iPad

    No features added Add a feature

    notesmartly icon
  • Dissenter

    Dissenter is the comment section of the internet. It creates a digital public square on every URL. Leave your own comments and discover what others have commented in the past. Try it on news articles, blog posts, Wikipedia pages, YouTube links, and even individual tweets.

    Free Web Microsoft Edge Chrome Safari Opera ... Brave Chromium Firefox

    Dissenter icon
  • scrible

    scrible lets you highlight and annotate web pages and easily save, share and collaborate on your web research with others. Smarter Web reading & research. Annotate, bookmark, save, manage & share online articles. scrible is the best way to work with online information... Like magic for Web reading and research. For online articles and webpages, scrible lets you: 1. Bookmark them in the cloud so you can access them from anywhere. 2.

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web iPad ... Chrome

    scrible icon
  • Knowte

    Knowte is a note taking application that allows you to quickly and easily write and organize your notes. What makes it especially useful, is the search feature. You remember you wrote something down but can’t find the note? Search for specific words, and Knowte will dynamically filter your list of notes to only show those containing those words.

    Free Open Source Windows

    Knowte icon
  • Synology Note Station

    Note Station allows your precious ideas to be synced from your own Synology NAS server device to all your computers and mobile devices with maximum privacy and security. Synology Note Station is a free add-on package for your Synology NAS server device. It provides a central, self-hosted notes server, with optional remote access from the internet. Notes can be accessed from the web interface or the free apps for iOS and Android, which provide local caching and off-line access.

    Free Mac Windows Web Android iPhone ... iPad Self-Hosted

    Synology Note Station icon
  • Highly

    Highlight the web to share the important parts. Save and share highlights, right as you read. Highly works on nearly every app and website. FEATURES + Highlight right in the apps you read in. + Share big! Post striking highlights to Twitter, Facebook, Slack and more. + Start a convo! Email or text your highlights to anybody. + Follow the reader! See friends’ and favorite thinkers’ favorite parts. + Collect your thoughts! Your highlights are searchable, synced, and safe.

    Free Mac Windows Linux Web iPhone ... iPad Chrome Safari

    Highly icon
  • Grabby

    Grabby allows users to grab content from websites, organize it into collections, and turn it into stories. We parse website content automatically, and collections can easily be shared with your friends. With Grabby, you can assemble collections of news stories, videos, music links, documents, or anything else that's on the web.

    • Discontinued website inactive

    Free Web

    No features added Add a feature

    Grabby icon
  • Genius.it Web Annotator

    Genius lets you add line-by-line annotations to any page on the Internet with a Chrome extension, a bookmarklet, or server-side site-enabled annotations. Put genius.it/ in front of any URL to annotate and read other Genius annotations on any page on the Internet. You don’t need to download anything!

    Free Web Wordpress

    No features added Add a feature

    Genius.it Web Annotator icon
  • Agenda Mahala

    Agenda Mahala is a great website to Learn English. On Agenda Mahala we have great English Courses, and both Level 1 and Level 2 are completely free. You also get an online notebook to keep the lesson appointments.

    Free Web

    No features added Add a feature

    Agenda Mahala icon
  • Cylix

    Cylix is your digital organizer software. It is set to help centralize, save, manage and access formal and informal content. Launched on Mac, Windows and Linux, it offers a cross-platform solution for knowledge management. It comes to address a growing concern regarding rising fees for applications which were previously free, companies harvesting user data and weak security features.

    Freemium $ $ $ Mac Windows Linux

    Cylix icon
  • Google Sidewiki

    Comment on ANY website. Contribute helpful information to any web page. Publish helpful information about any web page right in your browser; read insights in context from Sidewiki entries added by others; share Sidewiki entries through Blogger, Facebook, Twitter and Google profiles.

    • Discontinued

    Free Web

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    Google Sidewiki icon
  • Collate

    Collate is a cross platform note application that puts your data back in your control. You can feel secure with your data in Collate. Take notes your way with Collate Note Types. Choose between Rich Text, Markdown, Outline or Web Clipper note types to take notes more effectively. Intelligent search, notebooks, tags, and attachments. Collate acts as a repository for all your important information.

    Commercial Mac Windows Linux

    Collate icon


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