HttpRequester is a tool for Firefox for easily making HTTP requests (GET/PUT/POST/DELETE), viewing the responses, and keeping a history of transactions.

This tool is useful when doing web or REST development, or when you need to make HTTP requests that are not easily done via the browser (PUT/POST/DELETE).

This is based off of Alex Milowski's excellent Poster addon, with a large focus on keeping a history of transactions, allowing you to go back and review, re-execute, load, and save HTTP requests.

Developed by Tom Mutdosch

Distributed under the BSD License


View responses in an embedded browser, or in plain text (with an option to pretty-format XML/JSON).
A history of transactions is recorded (and kept across sessions). You can view past requests, and re-execute them. Selecting a transaction in the History list will show the full request/response.
For each transaction in the list, the request and response are shown, as well as the Elapsed Time and Content-Length (The value used is the Content-Length response header if available, and the size of the response body otherwise.)
Each column in the history list is resizable and re-orderable and can be hidden via the column picker. The ordering and width of each column are persisted.
Double-clicking a row in the history will show you a raw text version of the request and response
You can edit raw requests by double-clicking a row in the history list, or clicking the Edit Raw Request button. This is useful for easily viewing the request all at once, or for making quick tweaks to a previous request, such as adding or changing headers. This is the same behavior as double-clicking a transaction in the transaction history list.
Recent URLs, header names, and content types are remembered across sessions, and can easily be selected from drop-down lists.



Supported Platforms

Mac Windows Linux Firefox

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