Hola lets you browse faster, access content blocked by your government, company or ISP and much more. If you are an American travelling abroad, unblock Hulu, Netflix, Pandora and other geographically blocked sites without needing a VPN! For Brits - you can see the BBC, iTV while abroad!

Hola is a peer to peer network that provides everyone on the planet with freedom to access all of the Web! It works through the community of its users - Hola users help you to access the web, and you help them in return when your computer is not in use. That means that when you are not using your device, you are helping others. If you want to use the network but not be a part of it, sign up for Hola premium.

Hola is available on the following platforms:

A download for Windows (7, XP, Vista - Win8 coming soon) - for Internet acceleration and unblocking of sites
An app for Android - for Internet acceleration ONLY. (unblocking feature coming soon!)
A Chrome extension - for unblocking ONLY. Runs on all operating systems that run Chrome version 22 and up, except mobile.
A Firefox extension - for unblocking ONLY. Runs on all operating systems that run Firefox version 12 and up, except mobile.

What is Hola?
• Peer to peer Internet accelerator
• Compression of about 70% of HTTP: reduces 3G data costs, and speeds up web pages
• URL Caching: reduces 3G data costs, and speeds up web pages
• Chooses the closest and fastest P2P sources
• Multiple connections: opens multiple concurrent connections to alternative servers


Free with limited functionality

Supported Platforms 3 notes on Hola! Better Internet's platform support

Mac Windows Linux Android Chrome OS Google Chrome Firefox

Platform comments

  • Mac “Available only as browser extension.”
  • Windows “Available as desktop application or browser extension.”
  • Linux “Available only as browser extension.”

Hola! Better Internet is listed in


Links to official Hola! Better Internet sites

Official Website    Facebook    Twitter


Google Chrome Extensions Download Accelerators Peer-To-Peer Add a feature


File Sharing Web Browsers


Warning internet-accelerator streaming-accelerator unblock-websites


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Pandora is blocked in Canada, but this great little program unblocked it

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"Be aware that Hola will use you as a exit node or as an intermediate node if you're not paying for premium. If somebody does something malicious and you're the exit node then you may be liable...

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