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GeForce NOW was added to AlternativeTo by Donni on Jan 24, 2018 and this page was last updated Jun 18, 2021. GeForce NOW is sometimes referred to as Nvidia Geforce Now.

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Top positive commentNov 15, 2023
• Edited Mar 5, 2024

Pros : ✅ Cross-platform: Linux (in Google Chrome browser), Windows, Mac Os, Chrome OS, Android, iOS (in Safari browser), and on Smart TVs and streaming devices (LG TV, Android TV, Samsung TV, Shield TV, Chromecast and Sony TV) ✅ A free version that lets you play for an hour after a short wait ✅ 2 paid plans : one at €11 per month, with no waiting list, in 1080p and 60 fps, the other at €22 per month, to play in 4k and 120 fps on a GeForce RTX 4080 ✅ Very low latency ✅ Large catalog of games

Cons : ❌ Some big games are missing: Rockstar games, most Activision Blizzard games, a good part of Bethesda games, Sony games, 2K games, Minecraft, Sea of Thieves... ❌ No real software on Linux and iOS ❌ Some games are not available on the 4 game launchers

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Top positive commentNov 23, 2021

It is a good online gaming experience. I would give it 5 stars if it saved Epic Games login. Every once in a while I have to relogin to Epic Games, but besides that it is pretty good. You also have to wait a long time sometimes unless you have the paid version but I have free and don't mind waiting. I recommend for chromebook users.

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Top negative commentDec 18, 2021

When it works, it is a decent platform. There are some issues with latency but in general, I would 4 star it. The thing is, overall takes lower than 1 star because it hardly works. At the moment I am waiting for 30 hours for it to patch a game. (Steam and PCs did the patch in approx 1 day) This follows 2 more days of "patching", and all this with the release of a new map and the beginning of a game event. Meaning there isn't a chance for me to catch up on this server at all. If you buy a yearly subscription, you don't get a refund, no matter if their platform works or not. I would say, just stay away, use the free plan, and don't start a game that needs you to be punctual. You won't be.

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Positive commentMay 29, 2021

Great gaming experience. Real PC games.
You can play games you bought on various platforms.
I've tried (played for days) Cyberpunk 2077 with all graphics turned up, and RTX on, as well as Destiny 2.
At 1200x1920 (16:10 ratio) on my MacBook Pro, over wifi (ac, with a 70 Mbps down and 5 Mbps up cap; ping was about 20) at 60 frames per second.

I only am reminded that I wasn't playing locally when my router reboots (every 5 hours).

You can try it free, the subscription is cheap, though, and RTX was worth it for me.

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CommentMar 27, 2021

No support for any joysticks, and controllers are very limited.

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Negative commentJan 27, 2021

Exclusive to discontinued & broken hardware. In short, worthless.

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Positive commentAug 1, 2018

It works very well, especially for games on steam. It doesn't allow for mods beyond those of the steam workshop right now, however.

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