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Alternatives to Freeletics Running for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, iPad, Android Tablet and more. Filter by license to discover only free or Open Source alternatives. This list contains a total of 20 apps similar to Freeletics Running.

Freeletics Running is an incredibly effective running program to help you become fitter, healthier and more motivated. If you're looking for more info about Freeletics Running like screenshots, reviews and comments you should visit our info page about it. Below you find the best alternatives.

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Alternatives to Freeletics Running for all platforms with any license

  • Runtastic

    Runtastic is your personal sports and health assistant for all kinds of exercises (running, cycling, gym training, walking, hiking, skiing, cross-country skiing, skating, boarding, elliptical, tennis, yoga and many others). There is a free and a paid version.

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  • Zombies, Run!

    Zombies, Run! is an ultra-immersive running game and audio adventure, co-created with award-winning novelist Naomi Alderman. Every run becomes a mission where you’re the hero, with our immersive audio drama putting you at the centre of your very own zombie adventure story. While you run to the perfect mix of heart-pumping audio drama and pulse-pounding songs from your own playlist, you’ll collect supplies to grow your base back home.

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  • ForRunners

    ForRunners - A mobile application to improve your running ForRunners use the GPS of your phone to track your run. During a run speech synthesis can announce distance, speed, heart rate. And after your run you can see various information to help you improve your next running with nice looking graphics and statistics. ForRunners can also connect to a Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Sensors if you have one.

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  • Nike Run Club

    Nike Run Club gives you everything you need to run better and more often-including GPS tracking of your run, audio guided running workouts, weekly and monthly distance challenges to keep you motivated, customized coaching plans that fit your goals and adapt to your progress, and nonstop motivation from your friends. In short: We'll help you reach your goals and have more fun getting there.

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  • Runbit

    Runbit combines training and play into one by taking you on a journey and challenging you to find new ways to explore. The application works by distributing several stars on a map of your surroundings and it is then up to you to find the best ways to reach them. This differs from other running apps since it is not about the time or distance. It is about actually enjoying it. Runbit works for everyone.

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  • Track Runner

    Features + Heart Rate: Train in the right zone with Bluetooth LE heart rate monitor support. + Intervals: Select from adaptive interval workouts or create your own. + Pacer: Helps you pace yourself to reach your goal. + Cadence: Analyze your stride rate and minimize injury risk. + Genius: Estimates your race times. + Gear: Track your shoes’ stride rate and all your gear’s mileage. + Live tile: Motivates you to go running.

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  • Fitnetix Fitness Tracker

    Fitnetix is a free sports tracker app, which will help you to stay motivated and reach your workout goals faster by tracking, monitoring and analyzing your personal performance. App Features & Benefits Track your activity using GPS and Google Maps, monitor your heart rate via Bluetooth, analyse everything from calories burned to average peace and altitude. The customizable screen shows you all important information of your workout at a glance.

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  • Run+

    Run+ is the best Nike+ Running app for Windows Phone! With Run+ you can record and sync your activities to your Nike+ account and much more! Some of the features include: ? Record the distance, pace and calories for your run ? Share your run on Facebook ? View all past runs from all devices ? Map the path and elevation of your run using your phone's GPS ? In-run audio feedback at predefined intervals ? Play your power song or favourite playlist while you run ? Run under lock...

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  • Buddy Runner

    Buddy Runner provides the capabilities of an expensive GPS enabled personal trainer on your Android phone. Buddy Runner allows you to monitor each run by recording your distance, pace, time, elevation, and route. A personal dashboard is created for viewing, analyzing and sharing your progress.

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  • SmartRunner

    SmartRunner is a sportstracking and geotracking application, which allows you to record your next run, biking trip, hike, walk, ride, or any other outdoor activity and publish them on . The application informs you in real time about your average and maximum speed, distance and calories burnt. Sign up for a free webaccount at and you can archive your training history and undertake detailed analysis of tracks on maps and altitude profiles.

    • Discontinued The apps seem to be no longer updated.

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  • BattleSuit Runner Fitness

    New free and paid BattleSuit Runner Fitness™ apps from Olive Seraph, LLC are the most innovative additions to the “gamification of fitness” trend that is blurring the lines between exercise and entertainment. The player’s speed changes, sprints, and battlesuit upgrades affect the storyline and battles as the adventure unfolds through their headphones during workouts, integrating their music playlist into the gameplay.

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  • Charity Miles

    Join the Charity Miles community where you can earn money for charity when you walk, run or bike. So far our members have earned over $2.5 million for charity - helping others and themselves at the same time. Charity Miles makes advocacy simple! Anyone can use Charity Miles, anywhere - walking the dog, on your morning jog, or just moving through your day.

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  • Kaa-Yaa

    Kaa-Yaa is one of the best personal trainer apps designed for health-conscious people who cannot take care of their health and fitness due to their hectic schedule. Kaa-Yaa makes fitness a priority in your life and ensures that even if you get busy, your health does not end up on the backseat. The app is a brainchild of the parents of two children, who find time to workout despite their busy schedule.

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  • Zombie Hunter Apocalypse: Earth Has Fallen

    Zombie Hunter: Apocalypse with astonishing 3D graphics first person shooting game. Your only goal is to survive this zombie apocalypse by hunting down entire zombie waves. The infection is spreading all around the world; you can only stop this by killing all zombies in the area. Are you ready for hunting down all zombies and stop them forever to save the earth be top down shooter? FPS thrilling zombie hunting game with auto fire.

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  • Running by Gyroscope

    Powered by Gyroscope, collect and share your favorite runs — with maps, photos, calories, and other stats. We import your run data from Strava or Runkeeper and show fun stats like how many donuts you burned, satellite maps of your route, photo overlays, and more. You can export each run as an image, to be shared on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or to your photos.

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  • PK Fitness

    Working out can be discouraging, confusing, and not always a lot of fun. Olympian Bryan Clay and former DreamWorks CTO Ed Leonard are out to change that with a new social fitness app called PK Fitness. Using proprietary algorithms unique to PK Fitness, the app calculates your effort in real-time as you work out, giving you a new and fun way to view exercise. The app also hosts a supportive and encouraging community to share, compare, and compete across all activity types and fitness levels.

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  • Learn To Run

    Learn to run is a free and modern training plan for weight loss. Using our application you will learn to run step by step over increasing distances and times. We will help you achieve your fitness goals quickly and easily with our application. The race is very important to achieve your goal of weight loss, start running to get a perfect body. With Learn to run, running will become a pleasant daily routine.

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