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File Transfer Tool for Mac * FTP Client * SFTP Client * WebDAV Client * Amazon S3 Client * Backblaze B2 client * Google Drive Client * Rackspace CloudFiles Client *  SMB Client * AFP Client * NFS  Client * VNC Client * You can save remote Connections as Favorites * You can use ForkLift Mini in the Menu bar to mount Saved Connections * You can use ForkLift Mini to drop Files to Saved Connections
Application Deleter - There is no need to buy an App Removal Tool because it's built into ForkLift * The App Deleter removes applications with all their preferences and support items
Multi Rename Tool * There is no need to buy a Batch Rename Tool because it's built into ForkLift * Change Case * Replace Text * Add Text * Add Date * Add Sequence * Use Regular Expressions * Combine the Rules the way you want to * You can save Rule Presets as Favorites
You can sync your Files between Folders, Drives and Remote Connections * You can save your Sync Setups as Favorites * You can access your Synclets easily with ForkLift Mini from the Menu Bar
ForkLift Mini sits in your Menu Bar * You can use ForkLift Mini as a Synclet * With ForkLift Mini you can run a Saved Sync even if ForkLift is not running
You can use Forklift Mini as a Droplet * You can upload files to Saved Remote Connections by Drag and Drop
You can use Forklift Mini as a Disklet * You can mount any of your Saved Remote Connections with ForkLift Mini * The Mounted Connection appears as a Local Drive and you can directly access your Files on the Server with any App on your Mac.
ForkLift is available in Dark Mode * In the Favorite Manager you can manage all your Favorites
Quick Open * You can easily access your Favorites, Menu Commands, open a selected File with a Desired Application or apply a previously saved Multi Rename preset on selected Files - Using only your Keyboard
Quick Select * You can easily add or remove Items from Selection - Using only your Keyboard
You can choose between Finder Style Key Binding Set and Commander Style Key Binding Set * You can also  edit the Shortcuts
Activities * You can keep an eye on your transfers in the Activities Window * You can organise, reorder or pause your Transfers
Preferences * Editing
Group by Kind * Group by Date Added * Group by Date Modified * Group by Date Created * Group by Size *  Group by Tags * Search by Name * Search by Extension * Search by Tags * Search by Kind * Search by Content * Search by Spotlight * Search in Subfolders
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Top positive commentApr 24, 2022

It's way better than the mac finder. They even have an app deleter feature that clears the cache and other data stored by apps when you uninstall them.

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Top positive commentJan 18, 2020

Very capable and well designed file manager and ftp program. I use it for viewing photos (which works much better than in the new finder (Apple removed pinch&zoom option for whatever reason). I didn't find a proper replacement for it in Windows. On MacOS with Forklift it's easy to sync a local and FTP folder. ForkLift has a compelling visual overview. It syncs subfolders and shows every change with colors before sync. For this specific need, WinSCP does the job, it does sync subfolders, too.

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Cifra Lopez
Top negative commentDec 1, 2018

Even though ForkLift is currently in its version 5+, it's still very buggy.

Since I bought it, I've had issues with Sync (which was one of the main reasons to acquire it), manually copying files to the cloud (Drive for example), and other minor annoying things like an app opening the location of a file but ForkLift only opening in the default directory.

Upon contacting with support, several times, they told me (someone named Bam) those issues were known and that I should change the app's settings to only 2 simultaneous file transfers which is like having a snail moving files:

enter image description here

And still, the Sync feature of the app won't work.

Customer support on itself was quick to respond, but not very amicable or informative.

If ForkLift were what they advertise on their website, it'd be a great app. Sadly it's not. It has the clear signs of an application still not ready for the market.

I regret buying ForkLift.

[Edited by Cifra, December 14]

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CommentNov 10, 2010

Can't get SFTP working with private key authentication. It simply does not ask me for my key file.

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Cifra Lopez

Same here!! Only half of the features work. Google drive can't transfer more than 2 files at a time (confirmed by forklift's support!), Sync doesn't work with any cloud service and they can't even say when it'll be fixed. It looks good, but it's a big no-no.

Reply written Dec 6, 2018

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