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Focus Keeper is not available for Android but there are some alternatives with similar functionality. The most popular Android alternative is Small Tasklog App iconTasklog App. It's not free, so if you're looking for a free alternative, you could try Small Pomotodo iconPomotodo or Small TeamViz Lite iconTeamViz Lite. If that doesn't suit you, our users have ranked more than 50 alternatives to Focus Keeper and seven of them are available for Android so hopefully you can find a suitable replacement. Other interesting Android alternatives to Focus Keeper are Small - timer - timer (Free Personal), Small Pomodroido iconPomodroido (Free), Small Focus Timer Reborn iconFocus Timer Reborn (Free) and Small Focus, Commit iconFocus, Commit (Free).

Focus Keeper helps you keep your productivity high avoiding burnout using the timer. If you're looking for more info about Focus Keeper like screenshots, reviews and comments you should visit our info page about it. Below you find the best alternatives.

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Alternatives to Focus Keeper for Android with any license

  • Tasklog App

    Productivity software developed for the needs of typical modern freelancer. For web and mobile. Track time, manage tasks. Categorize by projects, clients & labels. - - - Join more than 15k people around the world and get a perfect overview of your work, projects and clients. Useful charts and statistics can be generated using your data. Timesheets for your clients can be exported or downloaded. Available for web and mobile.

    Commercial $ $ $ Mac Windows Web Android iPhone

    Tasklog App icon
  • Pomotodo

    Todo-list based on Pomodoro technique. Supports some additional features for tasks such as pinning tasks, hashtags, priorities. Useful statistics and history features for made pomodoros and tasks are also available. Free with minor limitations.

    Freemium Mac Windows Web Android iPhone ... Chrome OS Android Tablet iPad Chrome Android Wear

    Pomotodo icon
  • TeamViz Lite

    TeamViz Lite (ex-PomodoroApp) is a free tool for you to improve personal productivity using the Pomodoro Technique. PomodoroApp has been renamed to TeamViz because the legal of Pomodoro Technique complained about the name “Pomodoro”. We have to re-branding everything to TeamViz. PomodoroApp Free Version is now TeamViz Lite. Free for all purpose of use.

    Free Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... iPad

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  • - timer is a time management app that helps you to become productive. The app is based on Pomodoro technique which breaks your work time into smaller sets of time that consist of 25 minutes of work and 5 minutes of break. Simply focus on work for 25 minutes. After the timer runs out, reward yourself by taking 5 minute break. After 4 or so sessions, take a longer break.

    Free Personal Android Android Tablet - timer icon
  • Pomodroido

    Timer tool that is following the Pomodoro Technique - a method for time management. Pomodoro and break duration are adjustable, as well as the duration of the - extended - 4th break. The author is planning on a Pro version and has setup a second Pomodoro app entry on the Android Marketplace tagged as Donationware.

    Free Android

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  • Focus Timer Reborn

    This Android application is work focus timer. It also contains statistics and performance analysis of your working log. Stay focused and use the Focus Timer Reborn for learning, work, and training sessions. Stop wasting your time on distractions instead of focusing on what really matters.

    Free Android

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  • Focus, Commit

    This app can help you power through distractions, hyper-focus, and get things done in short bursts while taking frequent breaks to come up for air and relax. Best of all, it's easy. And it's even easier with this app. Focus, commit - Be Focused lets you get things done by breaking up individual tasks among discrete intervals, separated by short breaks.

    Free Mac Windows Android iPhone

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