Flume brings the world of Small Instagram iconInstagram to your desktop with gorgeous edge-to-edge photography, direct messaging, upload support and much more.


- Upload photos and videos direct to Instagram, with support for original or square formats, tagged locations and captions.
- Start conversations with other users, create groups and share your favourite photos or videos together.
- Effortlessly switch between multiple Instagram accounts.
- A beautiful design that focuses your attention on the photos and videos.
- View, like, comment, follow and share all day long.
- View photos and videos in their original aspect ratio and at full resolution.
- Immerse yourself deeper, and enlarge photos and videos via QuickLook support.
- View popular content based on users you are following as well as your current location.
- See the latest activity (new likes, comments and friends that join Instagram) and respond to the latest notifications (new follower requests).
- Swipe with your trackpad or Magic Mouse and skim through your feed.
- Search for users, hashtags, locations and save them for quick access.
- View photos and videos tagged at a location, with a hashtag, or with other users.
- Read comments and captions written in a language you don't understand, with translation support.
- 100% keyboard navigable, and 100% VoiceOver/accessibility supported.

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Free with limited functionality

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One time purchase (perpetual license) ranging between $0 and $10

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After seeing the first review I felt compelled to register to this page and leave a sincere review behind. I've been searching the internet for the last few days looking for an instagram poster for...

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absolute crap. version 2.8.6 crashes constantly. even gets an error when publishing images or videos. AND THAT IS WHAT THS WHAT THE SOFTWARE IS SUPPOSED TO DO!!! a complete piece of garbage. v2.8.5...

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