Fingbox is a cloud system to monitor and manage your network, based on Fing Apps, Applications and Tools. It's a secure, cross-platform, comprehensive solution to discover devices, scan services, analyze and customize your networks, from anywhere. Any fixed or portable device - an iPod, an Android Phone, a tablet, a laptop - becomes an incredibly powerful and convenient tool and contribute a new data to your centralized Fingbox Account. You can also access your account from anywhere, through a gorgeous, easy-to-use Web user interface. All your customizations are automatically synchronized across your devices.

You have also access to advanced features for a professional use. With Fingbox, you can merge Wi-Fi (single and multiple access points) and Ethernet networks into a single profile; every scan performed by any device will contribute changes to that single network. That makes handling large and complex network increadibly easy.

Custom names, icons and details can now be synchronized across different networks. If you have lots of mobile devices that are used across networks, this is just another convenient feature available in Fingbox.



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One time purchase (perpetual license)

Supported Platforms

Mac Windows Linux Online Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad

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Official Website


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