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ExpanDrive was added to AlternativeTo by TobiasSundstrand on Oct 24, 2009 and this page was last updated May 24, 2019. ExpanDrive is sometimes referred to as SftpDrive.

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Top positive commentJul 1, 2019

I was looking all over for things to transfer some data from an old server to the cloud. Since microsoft azure does not support server 2008 R2 i had to find an alternative. ExpanDrive is the only alternative that i could find that would mount an alternate cloud storage provider in Windows Server 2008 R2 as a network drive. ExpanDrive worked fast and smooth to allow me to synchronize my files to the cloud storage provider. A real life saver in a touch situation.

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Top negative commentSep 19, 2015

This app is a useless! It's unstable, loses connection after few minutes, doesn't work as expected.

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Negative commentNov 15, 2019

Bad software, better use other alternatives. Bought perpetual license, found bug with SFTP (streaming doesn't working at all MP3,FLAC,etc) which makes impossible to use this soft for me. They know about bug and doesn't fix it in 6 months. And this bug still in latest release.

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Muhammad Ali
Negative commentSep 3, 2019

I installed this app on my Mac in order to be able to access and change files on Amason S3.

I added our credentials, it mounted a folder but it is just empty. Via AWS web interface I see that it's defiantly not empty. The App doesn't seem to tell you if it failed to connect for any reason. You can insert whatever credentials and it provides zero feedback and still shows as it mounted a drive in Finder.

This App is ULTRA buggy, I don't know why anyone would pay for it. If you drag this app from one screen to another connected screen the whole UI goes blank. The app doesn't appear in the top bar mac navigation when opened and focused so you can't close it fully without force quiting it and all attached services to uninstall it.

This app is pure garbage.

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Chris Bresnehan
Negative commentJan 20, 2019

Do not buy!

Does not work as advertised, no support and no chance of a refund.

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Negative commentNov 6, 2018

Created an account on alternativeTo just to leave a review of this software. I purchased at full price and when I began to use found that it was not installed correctly: the options to sync to local storage was not activated in Windows Explorer. After over an hour with the very poor technical support (multiple reinstalls, changes to registry etc.) I requested a refund. It seems I was two hours over their policy of "no refunds after one month". This decision, by the way, was given to me over a month after my enquiry. May work for you but I would not trust my files to a company or developer that operates with these ethics. Look elsewhere.

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Luke Stevenson
Negative commentFeb 18, 2018

It's a great idea, being able to quickly and easily mount remote file storage as a local drive. This App is nice in the way it is laid out, and it seems to work fairly well in my usage.

But what I cannot get onboard with is how they drive customers to pay for updates. Rather than what seems to be the industry standard, where Version n users get a prompt or email encouraging them to update to Version n+1, but they can also choose to stay with the current version until its end of support/life. Instead, Expandrive decided to send out an Update via the normal Mac update system, and only to include a bolded line at the top of the information window stating that it was a paid update.

The result?

Expandrive stops working for anyone who does the right thing and agrees to install the Update (or does so automatically), but who hasn't paid for the new licence. And the App doesn't even tell you this - it just stops working.

Personally, I cannot get behind rewarding this underhanded approach of extorting current users and forcing them into updates. So I am just going to keep using the version I am paid up to, and looking at the numeroud alternatives to replace Expandrive in my toolkit.

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