Former LAN party and social gaming toolkit that was essentially merged into Player.me.


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      **Yes it's Sad that Evolve Got Axed a.k.a Vanished / Died earlier this year 2017 :/ It was nice Social Gaming Platform with some cool features. Was active member there for few years & really sad that it didn't get the funding support it deserved. Gone some years 2 soon. Was good to be in contact with some of it's staff & Wish all the best for the dedicated Evolve Staff :) Now hoping to find alternative & know that Raptr's Gaming Evolved Desktop Client is dying & same for it's website cause no updates there and staff hasn't been replying / being active for 6+ months :/ ** **_Kind Regards: Fedaygin_**
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      over 1 year ago
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      not actually virtual LAN, just real LAN
      over 1 year ago
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