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I was looking for something to smooth a possible migration over to Firefox for daily use.

Pleasantly surprised at how smooth this has operated. It has backups in case you screw up, and you can decide whether to merge, download, or upload into the server.

My one piece of feedback is that the UI has a dated feel to it.

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**A LIFESAVER. ** Replaced Xmarks and cleaned up the huge mess that Xmarks made. Killed duplicates and empty folders really easily, all done with an awesome interface (both local and web) that's way easier to use than Xmark's. This totally saved my set of bookmarks from the Xmarks disaster. I would give this thing 10 stars if I could.

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better alternative of Xmarks Bookmark Sync 
Recommended to sync bookmark across browsers


Thanks for the recommendation, you saved my _$$ from Xmarks.

I am convinced, that EverSync ...

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EverSync is the best replacement for XMarks, which stops syncing with May 1, 2018

I am convinced, EverSync is the best replacement for XMarks, which is no longer available after May 1, 2018. EverSync is a multi-platform bookmark syncing service, very useful, if you want to sync your bookmarks on more than one browser. As XMarks did, its service works with browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer or a smartphone app for Android, iOS or Windows Phone.

On April 2nd, 2018 I have registered to a free EverSync-Account on my first computer and did the first bookmarks-sync (as the first step only on this one computer) parallel to XMarks. On my Lumia 640 smartphone with Windows Phone and on my job-computer I first uninstalled the XMarks-FF-AddOn and then installed the Eversync-Firefox-Addon. With EverSync it's very easy to find and delete empty folders and to find all bookmarks. EverySync is a very perfect replacement for XMarks, which I used about several years without greater problems.

Until March, 30 2018, when I got the E-Mail "Support for Xmarks is ending on May 1, 2018" I would have given a rating of 5 stars to XMarks. Because a free bookmark-sync-AddOn for more than one browser is very important for me, I do not like the discontinuing of the XMarks-service. So my new rating for XMarks now is only one star. My rating for EverSync ist 5 stars and my recommendation is to replace XMarks with EverSync.

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does the job. found it after years with Xmarks