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An award-winning strategy game for each day of the week, with daily and cumulative weekly score to help you improve. Games include classic flight and racing sims, deep ...

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What is esports for engineers?

All of these games are free, most are open source.

For challenge and variety there's a different game for each day of the week: Monday - former computer world champion wBridge5 Tuesday - classic racing sim Grand Prix Legends demo, with dozens of freeware add-on cars and tracks Wednesday - Leela Chess Zero, open source clone of world champion Alpha Zero, adjusted to play at your level Thursday - classic flight and war sims Rowan's Battle of Britain and Rowan's Mig Alley, restored and with higher resolution, simulating, respectively, the 1940 air battle over England and the 1950 Korean conflict Friday - open source clones of Alpha Zero configured to play Go, along with training and analysis software Saturday - the other classic flight and war sim, Falcon, simulating air combat and command in historical Cold War-era conflicts. Sunday - day for make up if you missed any days earlier in the week Formulas for calculating daily and cumulative weekly scores are provided, helping you track and improve your performance.

To run the games, download the tar file from the esports for engineers github site, then simply unpack the tar file on linux. The wine emulation layer on linux is needed to run the games. Knowledge of linux command line, and how to execute a linux shell script, is required.

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Driving a 1950's F1 car on a carefully rendered 40 mile long Italian road course
Grand Prix Legends setup provides tuning of suspension, diff, etc.
Gear vs track position - telemetry helps optimize lap times
Free Falcon provides many cockpits with working controls.  The F16 cockpit shown here is very realistic.
The Balkan War simulated in Free Falcon is close to the actual order of battle.
All three sims in esports for engineers provide multiplayer with dynamic campaigns.
Also included is Rowan's Battle of Britain, with one of the best single-player dynamic (unscripted) campaigns.  Patched with new textures and clouds.
Like Battle o Britain, Rowan's Mig Alley is an award-winning flight sim within a war sim.  You play both pilot and Air Commander in an effort to win a historically accurate war simulation.
Engineers will appreciate the jet and prop flight models.  1950's era jets had all the power but none of the computer controls of more modern jet fighters, so pilot skill matters greatly.
Contract Bridge analysis and training software shows expected total tricks won for each choice of card played
The deep learning chess engine can be adjusted to play entertaining, human-like games
Deep learning Go can play at your level, while also serving as a coach with superhuman strength
GPL 2020 Demo Promotion Movie (Grand Prix Legends 2020 Demo)
Falcon BMS 4.32 - Install to Combat Ready in 1 Hour (Tutorial)
Rowan Mig Alley
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  1.  Multiplayeresports for engineers offers a game mode for more than one player.

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esports for engineers contains 3 classic simulation games: Mig Alley, Grand Prix Legends (free demo version) and Falcon 4. Wikipedia entries and reviews for these games are below:

For Mig Alley, named the best simulation of 1999 by Computer Gaming World, PC Gamer US, CNET Gamecenter, Computer Games Strategy Plus and GameSpot:

For Grand Prix Legends, Computer Games Strategy Plus's 1998 "Sports Game of the Year":

A recent review of Grand Prix Legends, complete with dozens of freeware add-ons, is here:

The esports for engineers' version of Grand Prix Legends includes the mods and updates described in the review; in addition to that the esports for engineers' version provides 80 racecars and 30 racetracks.

Another recent review is here:

Falcon 4 won Macworld's 1999 "Best Flight Simulation" award and PC Gamer US likewise named Falcon 4.0 the best simulation of 1998.

Some reviews are here:

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Since I wrote this comment, the Rowan's Battle of Britain flight sim has been added to eSports for engineers. As with the other 3 sims, this is an incredibly ambitious sim that rewards any investment you make into it. This is the final version of Rowan's Battle of Britain which includes three patches. This sim works great on linux with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, wine 6.7 and a dual monitor setup.'s_Battle_of_Britain

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tested with ubuntu 20.04 and ubuntu 20.10

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