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During several years I used a PC with Linux and gnome-encfs-manager as a file / folder encryptor. As I bought a new PC with Windows 10, I installed EncFSMP on it because that was the only encfs encryptor I found. It is rather good, works like gnome-encfs-manager, and once you understand how it works, that's all right. However, if for some reason you are away from home and you phone a family member to find an important document that you put in a encfs container that is not listed in the EncFSMP interface, he will have to import this container, this is not so evident if he does not know the soft.

I tried to copy encfs folders from EDS lite (on my android phone) to my PC with Windows, importing them in EncfsMP.
The txt files were decrypted and readable in first lines only (sometimes 2 or 3, sometimes about 10). The solution was that txt files had to be encoded and saved in utf8 with BOM (in notepad++).
Another difficulty is that Filezilla transfers the containers (using a ftp server on android) but sometimes refuses to transfer some files. I had to resume the transfer for them.
At least, I could open my EDS lite containers with EncFSMP, which seems to be the only soft in Windows for encfs encrypting.

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