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Top positive commentNov 26, 2015

Full circuit drawing, spice sim and board manufacturing chain. EasyEDA also offers a low cost,high quality PCB manufacturing service.

I've used it a couple of times and have been impressed by the quality of their PCBs.

Highly recommended.

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ReviewFeb 29, 2016

Circuit Design Software On Mac :

There are many Circuit Design Softwares including different platforms ,they are based on Windows ,Linux ,or On Mac , Or based on cloud servers which you could run it anywhere .

Which tools you choose and on which platforms you choose to run was decided by your preferences , the functions you require the tools to have , the convenience of the tools , the platform you uses and so on . For most of the tools support mutil-platforms and commonly support running on windows and linux .

Let me introduce some Circuit Design Softwares that run on Mac OS .

** I. EasyEDA**

EasyEDA is Window,Linux, Mac OS and Web-Based Circuit Design Software, which supports free Schematic Capture, Spice Simulation,PCB Design .

EasyEDA provides some distinct features :

1.EasyEDA provides clean and user-friendly homepages and Editor User Interface .

enter image description here

EasyEDA Homepage

enter image description here

EasyEDA Editor UI

2.It is free and based on cloud server .

3.It supports Schematic capture ,Spice simulation,PCB Layout online .

3.It can import Schematics and PCB Files form Eagle ,Altium Designer,Kicad ,LTspice.

4.It includes abundant and increasing amount of hardware projects ,resourceful schematic libs and PCB libs created by and shared with all the EasyEDA users .

5.It supports developing with colleagues and partners collaboratively .

6.It provides easy PCB order which saves your time and effort to make sample PCB .

7.It Provides EasyEDA source file to save locally .

8.It provides SVG source to preview Schematic , PCB Layout and Gerber file .

9.EasyEDA provides rich spice models to make simulation .

10.EasyEDA provivdes simulation viewform viewer .

  1. Online sharing of - and collaborative working on - schematics, simulations, PCB layouts, designs and projects

Design Rule Check .

There are four main functions EasyEDA provide:

1.Schematic Capture

2.Spice Simulation

3.PCB Design

4.PCB Order

enter image description here

Schematic Capture Diagram

enter image description here

Spice Simulation Waveform Viewer

enter image description here

PCB Design Tool Board .

enter image description here

PCB Order Cart

At present with the improved functions of EasyEDA , EasyEDA becomes an ideal choice for professional engineers ,students, makers, enthusiastics , hobbyists. EasyEDA provides professional online support for any EasyEDA users who has questions on using EasyEDA . EasyEDA is not only an excellent online circuit design software but also provides some favorable support and services .

More information about the tutorials of EasyEDA pls refer to


The link about the EasyEDA is as follow :



gEDA – runs on Linux and has produced tools which are used for electrical circuit design, schematic capture, simulation, prototyping, and production. Currently, the gEDA project offers a mature suite of free software applications for electronics design, including schematic capture, attribute management, bill of materials (BOM) generation, netlisting into over 20 netlist formats, analog and digital simulation, and printed circuit board (PCB) design layout.Most gEDA applications also install and run successfully on Mac OS X, typically using the Fink package manager and Macports. Since few commercial EDA tools run on the Mac, this feature has made gEDA a popular electronic design package amongst Mac users.

The term "gEDA Suite" refers to all free software projects and applications that have associated themselves with the gEDA Project via the geda-dev/geda-user mailing lists. These include:

gEDA - gschem and friends (the original project)

PCB - PCB layout program

Gerbv - Gerber file viewer

ngspice - a port of Berkeley SPICE

GnuCap - A modern electronic circuit simulation program

gspiceui - A GUI front end for ngspice/GnuCap

gwave - An analog waveform viewer

gaw - An analog waveform viewer a rewrite of gwave. Works with gspiceui.

Icarus Verilog - A Verilog simulator

GTKWave - A digital waveform viewer

wcalc - Transmission line and electromagnetic structure analysis

enter image description here


McCAD E.D.S software, a complete family of integrated electronic designs systems for MS Windows and Macintosh OS platforms. McCAD Electronic Design Systems offer a choice of design environments with a wide range of system configurations tailored to the specific needs of the designer. McCAD modules take the designer through the complete design cycle: Schematic capture, Simulation (analog & digital), Printed Circuit Board layout, Autorouting and Gerber generation for board fabrication. McCAD software gives the electronic designer the technical range needed, and at the same time provides control and flexibility.

enter image description here

IV.Osmond PCB

It is a flexible tool for designing printed circuits boards .It runs on Manintosh .Its many features include:virtually unlimited board sizes ,number of board layers,number of parts,support for both through-hole and surface mount parts and more. enter image description here


MacSpice is an electronic circuit simulator. Circuit simulation is a way of building and testing virtual models of electronic devices. It is usually cheaper and quicker to simulate a design than to build a prototype. MacSpice uses a text-file 'netlist' description of the circuit as input. This is a list of components and the nodes they connect to. Users may prepare netlists with a text editor, or derive them from a circuit diagram using a third-party schematic-capture application. MacSpice then builds a numerical model of the circuit and analyses this.

MacSpice is distributed as a Mac OS X application bundle. It provides an enhanced versions of the Spice 3 simulator and the Nutmeg front-end command interpreter for data analysis and plotting. Installation notes and release notes are published on www.macpsice.com. MacSpice has several mechanisms for inter-process communication with other applications and shells.

enter image description here


Qucs is a circuit simulator with graphical user interface. The software aims to support all kinds of circuit simulation types, e.g. DC, AC, S-parameter, Transient, Noise and Harmonic Balance analysis. Pure digital simulations are also supported.

enter image description here


KiCad is a free software suite for electronic design automation (EDA). It facilitates the design of schematics for electronic circuits and their conversion to PCB designs.Tools exist within the package to create a bill of materials, artwork,Gerber files, and 3D views of the PCB and its components.

KiCad uses an integrated environment for all of the stages of the design process: Schematic Capture, PCB layout, Gerber file generation/visualization and library editing.

KiCad is cross-platform program, written with wxWidgets to run on FreeBSD, Linux, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. Many component libraries are available, and users can add custom components. The custom components can be available on a per-project basis, or installed for use in any project. There are also tools to help with importing components from other EDA applications, for instance EAGLE. Configuration files are in well documented plain text, which helps with interfacing to CVS's or SVN, as well as with automated component generation scripts. Up to 32 copper layers are supported.

Multiple languages are supported, such as English,Chinese,Catalan,Czech, German, Greek, Spanish, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovene,Swedish.

enter image description here


Eagle is one of the most popular Circuit Design and PCB layout software available in the market. Most professionals,students and hobbyists find Eagle as an good choice for their PCB development needs. Eagle in fact is an enterprise PCB designing software but they are offering a lighter version (with limitations compared to enterprise application) for free download. CadSoft offers user friendly, powerful and affordable solutions for PCB design, including Schematic Capture, Board Layout, and Autorouter. And to your good news, Eagle will run on Windows, Linux and MAC.

There are still circuit design softwares such as DesignWorks,Osmond,Epoxy that can run on Mac . Despite this , there are still few commercial circuit design softwares based on Mac . And the above I have recommonded are some of the most popular circuit design software for Mac .Hope you enjoy the practical and wonderful circuit design software.:)

[Edited by Maple, February 29]

[Edited by Maple, February 29]

[Edited by Maple, February 29]

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Free and huge custom libraries

Positive commentJun 30, 2016
as an alternative to  

It's free, online (no big libraries needed to download), and is integrated to LCSC and JLCPCB.

Positive commentApr 21, 2020
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