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      9 months ago
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      Someone, pleeease ... make an app like Due that works on Windows desktop. I'm sure there's a huge market potential if done like Due. What sets Due apart from any other app out there, is that it will nag the hell out of you until you act on your task, by either finishing, postponing or deleting it. All other "alarm" and "notification" solutions are pathetic in comparison. They're like soft parents who never stopped using the word "please" before reminding their children about something they must remember. Due pleases no one, it can be harsh an so annoying at times, but it WILL save your ass more than tenfold in comparison. It's especially great for little one-offs, random chores, necessary phone calls and things like that – things that are too mundane to enter in a clunky calendar app, yet ironically super important, where calendar apps and notifiers would just send you a tiny beep and then think it's all done. What if you're temporarily away from your phone when they beep? Well, seems few developers have actually considered that as a possibility. Anyway. I WANT THIS FOR WINDOWS. WILL PAY TOP DOLLAR. Calling out all Windows developers to buy Due so they'll remember to research this fine app and make a Windows clone.
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      9 months ago