DockStation is a developer-centric application for managing projects based on Docker. Instead of lots of CLI commands you can monitor, configure, and manage services and containers while using just a GUI.

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    • ssbarnea added DockStation as alternative(s) to Lazydocker
      11 months ago
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      11 months ago
    • ssbarneassbarnea commented on DockStation
      While DockStation looks cool and have a polished MacOS interface it comes with several issues, none of the them to be minor 1. closed source (github issue tracker, but no source) 2. asks for you ssh key password if you use remote ssh dockers, as is apparently unable to make use of ssh agent. Combined with #1, that could effectively sell your ssh key already. 3. project is effectively dead, w/o any new release, or even twitter post in more than 16 months. 4. is MacOS centric and expects a local macos docker install, even if that not really needed if you work with remote docker machines. Do you want to invest your time in abandonware? _[Edited by ssbarnea, June 03]_
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      11 months ago