DEON is a visual collaboration platform that offers an infinite canvas for real-time collaboration beyond whiteboarding.

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    • os
      oskar812 reviewed DEON
      DEON is a very easy real-time-collaboration tool. I use it for workshops, meetings and as a personal dashboard. It makes my daily worklife much easier.
      23 days ago
    • Al
      _Alex_ reviewed DEON
      ... easy to work with. You can easily create your own DEON spaces. The tool facilitates virtual collaboration and enables me and my colleagues to work together without delay. We use it a lot for workshops, trainings, meetings, ... Even if there are participants who have never worked with DEON before, a few minutes at the beginning of the meeting are enough to provide everybody with the necessary information to work together. Features like timer, library or the integration of PowerPoint, Teams and Skype into DEON facilitate our meetings and workshops as we have one common plattform instead of using many different tools. Also the DEON Team is always very friendly, quick and helpful.
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      about 1 month ago
    • Gu
      Guest reviewed DEON
      DEON – Digital collaboration in a very easy way Overall: Very useful tool for digital workshops, even process designs What do I like best? o Easy use even for “non-digital-natives” o Integration of MS Office files in Deon-Space, don’t know another tool, where it is as easy as here! o Easy link of frames to arrows and so on, very useful for process designs, especially compared to other collaboration APPs; I use that a lot! o Templates make it very easy to standardize your work together in the whole company What do I dislike? o Usage of a different logic of navigating compared to MS Office products. For me its possible to switch, but for customers, who are not using DEON so often, its difficult o Details: o If u use shapes like boxes, tringels, etc. it is complicated ti integrate texts within the shapes. Could be easier o The design of text is complicated. Why not use the usual word possibilities for text format? o The moderation tool is not very convenient. i.E. conceptboard has a much easier way integrated (just copy there…) o For some customers it is not easy to sign up due to internal rules of their IT. Therefore it would be awesome, if me (as a DEON user) could invite others to join my “project” just by a link
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      about 2 months ago