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    Recent user activities on Couchsurfing

    • likizolettingsltd added Likizo Lettings as an alternative to Couchsurfing
      about 2 months ago
    • ra
      randomperson reviewed Couchsurfing
      Taken over by venture capitalists, hostile to the community. It started with smaller things (e.g. an overly broad, privacy-unfriendly terms of service) and grew into big things like locking people out of their accounts unless they pay with no prior warning or deleting their accounts with no warning if they mention BeWelcome. Used to be great, but now I can't recommend it. Look into the alternatives.
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      2 months ago
    • ra
      randomperson Upvoted a comment on Couchsurfing
      By 30 Aug 2020 it's not freemium (at least for me) anymore: they demand payment before I can proceed to my profile page. I just wanted to change my registration email as I don't use gmail anymore, so I just need to forget about Couchsurfing, forever.
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      2 months ago