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Great for privacy... if it does what it says it does. And I don't know if it does. And neither do you.

Comment by JohnFastman
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The Click and Clean (C&C) browser extension allows users to delete efficiently private browsing data, including cookies and LSOs. (Both privacy-invading mechanisms used by internet sites the world over to spy on user habits, visits, preferences and so on.) Unfortunately, C&C is not open source, which means that you have to trust their privacy policy when it comes to promising what the app will or will not do. (E.g. they promise to delete your data without sharing or selling it, but we can't be sure: we can't check the code). So, if you're happy using a free (as in beer, not birds) program to take care of your privacy, and you're happy about not being able to check what it's really doing, and you don't worry about why they're doing it when there's no money in it... they yeah... use it.

But you should know there are other related browser extensions available. They don't all do the same thing C&C claims, but similar and/or close:

For clearing files off a Windows or Linux machine, try BleachBit. It's excellent, open-source, thorough and free. It's what Hillary Clinton used, and Donald Trump lied about. He said "it's a very expensive process..." (watch from 1:04 in this video). It's as cheap to use as to tell a lie. But it's far more effective.


Not open source?
"MIT/X11 License"
To me, the big issue is that it was last updated March 6, 2013

BleachBit is good, but it is very powerful, so be careful what you select.