Take control of your audio devices. You want to have music on your speakers ? A good game in your headset and maybe a movie on your TV connected by HDMI? The 3 at the same time ? CheVolume is there for you and provide total control over your audio devices. Handle the volume and the exit audio devices of all your applications, per Application !



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One time purchase (perpetual license) that cost about $10

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audio-output separate-volume virtual-audio-cable volume-control volume-display volume-manager


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If it doesnt work for you just download older version of and it will work :) [Edited by r3flex, May 01]

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The program has been broken for months now, and it boggles my mind that there is still no competitor for it. I've tried both indivolume and soundbunny, but neither of them have anything to do with...

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