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Comment by SpawnHappyJake
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Tip: add repository and then use Synaptic Package Manager to install it rather than compiling from source. You pretty much have to be Chuck Noris to compile this from source.
Love this program. There should be a 'love' button. Works great. GUI applet is a nice cherry on top. Think about it - it's an open source CD emulator that works on Linux, how awesome is that?
When I mount my Battle for Naboo iso with CDemu, I can play the game through WINE 1.3. I was bummed when I found out that 'sudo mount -o loop' only makes a pseudo-device, rather than actually emulating hardware. Then this program filled that void!
Speaking of open-source, people might make mod'ed versions of, hey, maybe someone will add in virtual burning (burn to new image file instead of a CD where the user can have CDemu generate a blank and mount that blank and the emulated CD hardware appears to have a blank disc in it to which a burning program can see and write to just like any other blank CD - then you have an iso or bin instead of a real CD when you are done burning) to this program. You see, it's open source, so there's hope for things like this.


You are right,this is the easiest way:
cdemu PPA

sudo apt-get install gcdemu