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BTDigg down (vanished)

Comment by Tarpal
about BTDigg · Feb 2015 · Helpful Not helpful

BTDigg has gone down on 12 Feb 2015:

All the other sites mentioned are torrent sites mentioned are "2nd generation torrent sites": they publish trackers but, unlike "BTDigg" they are not a search engine for tracker-less torrents using the DHT network.


Wrong alternatives for BTDigg

Comment by heater
about BTDigg · Jun 2014 · Helpful Not helpful

BTDigg isn't WEB scratcher, not WEB/Torrent catalogue
and not tracker. So all the alternatives are wrong. Furthermore, there are
a lot of unreachable links.

BTDigg is complete search engine containing
indexer, distributed crawlers over DHT (not even BitTorrent) and search server.

The most suitable alternatives are Google Search, Bing, YaCy, DuckDuckGo or Yandex.

Just wait until the alternatives you mentioned gets approved :)

BTDigg is a search engine made for search magnet links and torrents, in other words files.

Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo are made for search sites, not files.

They are completely different in my opinion and cannot be alternatives each other.

Furthermore, there are a lot of unreachable links.

If you have found some entries with broken links you can "Report the Application" and explain the problem :)

Site is html file with references to images, music, video, files, css files that your browser are also downloading.

BTDigg's operational properties are the same as Google and others.

If you think differently you set bidirectional alternatives.