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  •   Updated Mar 25, 2024
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Andrew Price
Top positive commentJul 22, 2020

I enjoy listening to audio-books and my experience as a member using this application is good so far. However Audible has in the past charged my account for 7 months without my knowledge. I usually am very good at stopping free memberships and can't decide if I forgot or was somehow scammed. I wish I could redeem credits from those 7 months. The app gives you 1 credit each month to spend on an audio book which can be nice when trying to purchase expensive $30+ books. The monthly books offered to members for free are usually quite mediocre with a few gems on rare occasions. The playback support for the windows desktop app and your mobile device work very well from my experience.

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Top negative commentNov 14, 2020

not sure if im missing something, is there an alternative that syncs and doesn't keep you in DRM and data rape purgatory? it does the bare minimum and lets people skirt archaic copyright law by having american accounts, but the bridge between audiobooks and podcasts is a bleeding wound in the worlds 'printing press for the spoken word' v 'corporate monopoly and data rape' play.

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Benjamin Lupton
Negative commentSep 9, 2015

So I switched from the USA store to the Australian store when it came online, however the way this works is that it keeps both accounts open, however your membership, account credits, and purchased titles, are just transferred over - your statistics are not. This poor handling of the account move has made me not really go back to the app at all.

A lot of titles are also not available on the Australian store either. The 1-year refund ability is nice, however I find I just get way too many books and can't bother listening them in the year, so the refund ability has expired by the time I get to it.

That all being said, it is still the best audiobook app I've seen, and that's saying a lot for how poor all the other ones are. There really needs to be an app that gives you control over your data, so you can backup your stats, bookmarks, listening status, etc to your computer in a format you can work with.

For service, I much prefer drm-free Librivox and Downpour, however their apps are really bad, so I just settle on the built in apps for Apple, and use something like Day One for note taking, which really isn't a good solution until Day One notes the exact time of the track and chapter you are listening too.

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