Because modern websites are complicated and often rely on dynamic content, ArchiveBox archives the sites in several different formats beyond what public archiving services like and are capable of saving.

ArchiveBox imports a list of URLs from stdin, remote url, or file, then adds the pages to a local archive folder using wget to create a browsable html clone, youtube-dl to extract media, and a full instance of Chrome headless for PDF, Screenshot, and DOM dumps, and more...

Using multiple methods and the market-dominant browser to execute JS ensures we can save even the most complex, finicky websites in at least a few high-quality, long-term data formats.

### Can import links from:

- Pocket, Pinboard, Instapaper
- RSS, XML, JSON, or plain text lists
- Browser history or bookmarks (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, Opera, and more)
- Shaarli, Delicious, Reddit Saved Posts, Wallabag,, and any other text with links in it!

### Can save these things for each site:

- `favicon.ico` favicon of the site
- `` wget clone of the site, with .html appended if not present
- `output.pdf` Printed PDF of site using headless chrome
- `screenshot.png` 1440x900 screenshot of site using headless chrome
- `output.html` DOM Dump of the HTML after rendering using headless chrome
- `` A link to the saved site on
- `warc/` for the html + gzipped warc file <timestamp>.gz
- `media/` any mp4, mp3, subtitles, and metadata found using youtube-dl
- `git/` clone of any repository for github, bitbucket, or gitlab links
- `index.html` & `index.json` HTML and JSON index files containing metadata and details

The archiving is additive, so you can schedule `./archive` to run regularly and pull new links into the index.
All the saved content is static and indexed with JSON files, so it lives forever & is easily parseable, it requires no always-running backend.



Supported Platforms

Mac Windows Linux Self-Hosted Docker

ArchiveBox is listed in

Mac apps, AAAABBBB, and B. BKMRKS

Links to official ArchiveBox sites

Official Website    GitHub


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Strength: • Free • Fast • No censorship • Software code is community owned. ArchiveBox (AB) is better than both Archive Today (AT) and Wayback Machine (WB). Why better? Because AB software as...

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