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APK Pure is a totally free APK downloader for Android phone and tablet,download apk directly from Android market even without Google play store account.

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Download apk directly from Android market even without Google play store account, APK Pure is a totally free APK downloader for Android phone and tablet
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Edit: downgrading to merely 3 stars because I've seemingly started getting "advertisement" notifications from it (once every 1-3 days), including around half the time talking about watching "sexy XXX videos" and naming porn stars. What's weird is they don't take me to any sort of website or anything, just sponsored programs like "LuLubox" and "Vidmate" (I think is also sponsored?). Notifications from APKPure can be disabled though.

• It doesn't seem to require Google services. (although presumably none of these non-Google ones need it)
• It's also has the major advantage over something like F-droid in that one can still get all sorts of proprietary software too. (so one can still use F-Droid, but then switch to something else like APKPure when you can't find a suitable product on it)

• weird notification "ads" (although notifications from APKPure can be disabled, and only really matter if you want to be notified right when something you downloaded has an update),
• I have not tried alternative programs like Aptoide or APKMirror, but I suspect one of them is better.
• It seems to automatically force updating itself when you try to use it and there's an update available. I don't like this, but it's a minor thing.

edit: it just forced me to update it again, and bricked itself in doing-so. So the forced update cause the program to not work now. Removing another star.

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Usefull on my phone without google play services as a complement to F-Droid.

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Has night mode, parallel downloads, app management with detailed stats

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I think APKPure very good. But APKPure does not have as many country restricted files as this one

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Version 3.13.4 (from Aptoide database) is bundleware. Asks for SMS & mobile connection access. When you agree, it subscribes you to some reverse-billed SMS Premium services. APK installs crash, or don't install.

Negative comment • 8 months ago • 0 users agree.

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