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      29 days ago
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      2 months ago
    • Orfan reviewed AOKP
      My,my,my. Haven't seen this in awhile. The logo still looking good. A bit more.. refined? I wonder if the inside has <matured> as well? You see, we have a history, AOKP and I. Aokp, shall we say, 'popped my root cherry' nearly 6 years ago in the back of my Samsung S3. We we're both young, ambitious, full of energy. Though, me being a bit shy and new to the cyber world, I was seduced by Aokp's fun and edgy style of program and Android was our playground. Those were some good times. I guess, I know where to find you if given the chance to rendézvous again. Just have check with my latest devicess' bootloaders and whatnots. Hope they'll be accepting of you. (As I blush and slowly turn away, give one last look. . its so hot in here.. Ok, I'm leaving, I need some fresh air.
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      3 months ago