Mozilla showcases new address bar functionality, now available in Nightly builds

10 months ago by IanDorfman

Mozilla is working on new functionality for the address bar of its flagship Firefox web browser.

The address bar update has been an open ticket on Mozilla's Small Bugzilla iconBugzilla instance since early June, and it's receiving regular updates on progress. The updated address bar will show a variety of search engines that can be used directly within the bar at all times, which allows users to select the search engine they want to use before they begin each individual search. You can use either the mouse or keyboard shortcuts to either revert to your currently set default search engine or to close the address bar or delete the currently entered search term.

Additional features present in the address bar update include new descriptive terms based on whether you are using a notable search engine or if you're either searching bookmarks or other local data and other specialized or niche search engines. The update will also include keyword functionality that allows you to quickly select specific website searches or bookmarks.

Though no release timing for the stable build channel has been revealed, Martin Brinkmann of gHacks has stated that the address bar update could be implemented as early as Small Mozilla Firefox iconMozilla Firefox 82, which is scheduled to release in October.

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