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The Windows release of Firefox 75 installs a scheduled telemetry task that can be disabled

over 2 years ago by IanDorfman

The latest stable release of the Mozilla Firefox web browser, version 75, implements a new scheduled task on Windows operating systems. The task, titled "Firefox Default Browser Agent," collects multiple data points about your computer.

In an official blog post by Mozilla Engineering Manager Rachel Tublitz, the information collected is only "current and previous default browser setting, as well as the operating system locale and version." The post also links to the schema of the task on GitHub.

According to Tublitz, this new telemetry task will help understand default browser trends and, through the understanding of computer users' preferences, improve Firefox.

On a positive note, Mozilla Firefox respects your telemetry settings, which means that if the currently active browsing profile has Telemetry set to "off," it will not create this task and not collect and send the previously mentioned data. This is also true for any existing custom Enterprise telemetry related policy settings.

Tublitz concluded the blog post by linking to the official Firefox support article on how to change your Firefox install's settings when using Windows 10.

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