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uBlock Origin 1.25 will feature protection against canonical name adblocking bypass

uBlock Origin 1.25 will feature protection against canonical name adblocking bypass

almost 3 years ago by IanDorfman

The latest release for the popular open source ad and content blocking add-on and extension for web browsers has a useful new feature only possible on the technology powering Mozilla Firefox.

Version 1.25 of uBlock Origin for Firefox implements protection against a recent development in user tracking on the Internet that utilizes canonical names in order to circumvent any ad blockers or content filters that a user may have installed on their web browser instance. Advertisements that use this technique actually disguise themselves as content provided directly by the website that's being access, making it more difficult for conventional ad blockers to detect and block them.

The feature, exclusive to the Mozilla Firefox release of uBlock Origin, is made possible by Firefox's support for DNS API functionality. Web browsers built in Chromium, such as Google Chrome and the new Microsoft Edge, lack this functionality.

Firefox users that have their browser set to automatically update add-ons will likely receive a notification that uBlock Origin needs to have permission to access IP address and hostname information in order to support this new protection against CNAME ad-blocking bypass tech.

uBlock Origin is available via the official Add-ons for Firefox website as a Mozilla recommended add-on for its security and performance.

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almost 3 years ago by IanDorfman

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