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Chromium-powered Microsoft Edge is now available on desktop & mobile in 90+ languages

almost 3 years ago by IanDorfman

Microsoft has publicly released a complete overhaul of its flagship Edge web browser built using the same framework as Google Chrome. This comes a little over a year since it was announced.

The availability was announced via a post on Microsoft's official Windows Experience Blog. Version 79 of Microsoft Edge features radical changes alongside its engine switch to the open source Chromium project. These include new startup page user interface options, increased performance, privacy, and productivity (with tracking prevention on by default).

This new version of Edge includes a built-in Internet Explorer compatibility mode geared towards businesses that still utilize web apps and services built for Internet Explorer that haven't been updated. More information about the enterprise version of Edge can be found at

The announcement post also mentions that Microsoft has made over 1,900 contributions to the Chromium open source project that acts as the new Edge's foundation across multiple development categories including "accessibility, modern input including touch, speech, digital inking," and more.

The new version of Microsoft Edge powered by Chromium is now available for Windows 7, Windows 10, macOS, Android, and iOS. It can be downloaded via In addition, Windows 10 users will automatically be upgraded to the new Chromium-based Edge as it rolls out via Windows Update.

Further coverage: Windows Experience Blog

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Rebuilt from the ground up using Chromium, the new Microsoft Edge brings you world-class compatibility and performance, the security and privacy you deserve, and new features designed to bring you the best of the web.