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CentOS launches developer-focused Stream OS alongside CentOS 8

about 3 years ago by IanDorfman

Red Hat has today announced the release of a developer-focused variant of CentOS called CentOS Stream.

As detailed in a post on Red Hat's official blog, CentOS Stream is a parallel operating system released alongside the existing CentOS distribution.

Red Hat is billing CentOS Stream as a "halfway point" of sorts between Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux by providing a sort of rolling preview of features supported by the Fedora Project but not yet implemented in current Red Hat Enterprise Linux releases.

Red Hat recommends CentOS Stream for users that want to be on the "pace-setting" distribution for Red Hat's Linux developments.

As of CentOS Stream's release, Red Hat now has the following platforms for Linux developers and users to utilize:

• The Fedora Project, foundation of the Fedora operating system, the "leading-edge" of Red Hat's operating system development.

• CentOS Stream for ecosystem developers who need to see what is coming in Red Hat Enterprise Linux and need to introduce changes in order to enable their hardware or software.

• The Red Hat Universal Base Image, a free, redistributable, and developer-ready image for creating cloud-native enterprise applications. It allows developers to create certified applications for production deployment on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and across Red Hat’s open hybrid cloud portfolio, including OpenShift.

• The Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer subscription, a free, self-supported subscription for developers, which provides a development and testing environment for applications that are meant to be deployed into production on the stable, more secure and high-performance foundation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

The release notes for CentOS Stream, along with a download link and installation instructions, can be found on the official CentOS Wiki.

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