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Android 10 has launched on Pixel phones today, rolling out to other phones soon

over 3 years ago by IanDorfman

Google has announced today that Android 10 has begun rolling out to the company's line of Pixel phones.

Though known through its beta testing period as Android Q, Android 10 forgoes the operating system's usual line of themed nicknames for a comparatively spartan yet professional numeral approach. This coincides with a complete change for Android's logo and general branding.

The official Google Blog post announcing Android 10's availability mentions several key features introduced in the latest version of the world's most used mobile operating system, including:

Both operating system-wide and app-specific Dark Theme options. “Silent” notifications that won't appear on your device's lockscreen, ensuring that any unneeded notifications won't reach your phone. Direct audio streaming to hearing aid devices that allows them to be used by Android as Bluetooth headsets. A "Focus mode" that lets you pause distracting apps using a single tap. This pauses notifications and nudges you to not open apps that you've said are distracting. (Not yet available) An upcoming Live Caption feature will automatically caption videos, podcasts and audio messages across any app and content, including stuff you've recorded or otherwise made yourself.

As far as launching on non-Pixel phones and other Android devices, Google has said that it is "working with... partners to launch and upgrade devices to Android 10 this year." Outside of this, no timetable has been announced.

More information on Android 10 can be found on the operating system's official website.

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