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Reddit is testing livestreaming functionality for 5 days

over 3 years ago by IanDorfman

For five days, Reddit is testing out livestreaming capabilities via what it's calling the Reddit Public Access Network (RPAN, for short).

The post announcing the test functionality describes the functionality as purposed for "having fun as a Reddit community." It continues by stating that if the social bookmarking aggregate's user base enjoys it, the development team will "explore how it might work as an actual feature." As per usual with functionality testing, the post calls for honest feedback and suggestions in its comments section.

For the duration of the test, Reddit will be allocating employees to specifically moderate the contents of these streams and their comments sections. This is in order to ensure that the site's livestreaming feature stays safe for work and legal.

RPAN will be broadcasting live video feeds from participating Reddit users from 9 AM-5 PM Pacific Daylight Time each day from Monday, August 19 to Friday, August 23. Support will roll out gradually throughout this period. If or when your account receives the ability to stream live content, you will be able to start streaming within the Android or iOS apps as well as the redesigned web layout.

Further coverage: Reddit The Verge

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