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Free Dropbox users are now limited to 3 linked devices

Free Dropbox users are now limited to 3 linked devices

almost 4 years ago by IanDorfman

As seen by various sources such as Liliputing and VentureBeat, cloud storage and syncing service Dropbox has added a device limit to free Dropbox accounts without any formal announcement.

Though users can still sync files to and from more than 3 devices, it is now more cumbersome. As there can only be 3 active devices at a time, Dropbox gives the following instructions:

" can change which three devices are linked to your account. To do so, unlink devices you don’t want on your account (down to less than three), and then link the devices that you do want."

In order to ensure that you can sync to the devices you need to, Dropbox has given instructions via a Dropbox Help article.

For users who have linked more than three devices prior to the implementation of the 3-device limit, those devices can remain linked. However, you cannot link additional devices until you adhere to the new limit. This will make getting new devices, such as when upgrading your computer or phone, just a bit more inconvenient.

For people that need to sync files with more than three devices but cannot currently pay for storage, alternatives to Dropbox such as Nextcloud and Google Drive are worth looking in to.

Further coverage: Dropbox Help VentureBeat

almost 4 years ago by IanDorfman

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