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Postlight has introduced Yap, a chatroom service for up to 6 people with no log or scrolling

almost 3 years ago by IanDorfman

New York City-based digital product studio Postlight has announced and released a new and unique chat service called Yap.

The main idea behind the Yap Chat service is that it serves up to 6 people in a single chatroom with no log or support for scrolling. On top of this, any chatroom inactive for 24 hours expires and is no longer available to join. These design choices are to give Yap an ephemeral feel and emulate how offline, in-person gatherings operate. As Postlight Co-Founder & President Rich Ziade puts it, "There shouldn’t be a log, because it’s not a chat room. Who needs a chat log? It’s about the moment. Imagine rolling into a pub during a Liverpool/Man City game and asking the group: 'Hey could you guys share what you really enjoyed saying to one another for the past 15 minutes? I’d love to catch up!'”

Despite the deliberate lack of any log or history of any kind, Yap features support for embedding media, which allows, for example, the simultaneous viewing of YouTube and Twitch videos and live streams or the ability to browse the Internet and even shop together. The lack of support for more than 6 people in a single Yap room is because, as Ziade puts it, "seven is annoying."

Outside of Google Analytics to track basic usage, Yelp does not store or track any conversation, with chatrooms having secure connections and the information stored on the server's RAM expiring alongside the chatroom after 24 hours of inactivity. There's no business model, with Ziade stating that "the web can have something that’s just disposable fun."

Yap is available for free on the web via

Further coverage: Postlight blog post The Verge

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Yap is an ephemeral, real-time chat room with up to six participants. Your messages appear and disappear as quickly as you type them, which means unless you pay attention to what everyone says (for once), you’ll miss it.