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Cubasis 3 is now a full fledged DAW for both iPhone and iPad

almost 3 years ago by Ugotsta

Steinberg has released the next generation of its mobile digital audio workstation Cubasis, bringing universal app support with it so the DAW not only runs on the iPad, but the iPhone as well.

The new version 3 upgrade carries over a lot of the aesthetics from the mobile DAW's desktop counterpart Cubase, facilitating a very comfortable transition from mobile to desktop should the need arise for more advanced composition features. Meanwhile, transitioning from iPhone to iPad is made easier with a combination of intuitive UI design and scaling and a revamped mixer with zoom modes that can even stretch to full screen. All new Group Tracks also facilitate mobile workflow by letting users combine multiple tracks to be processed and mixed as a single track.

The new version also allows up to eight rearrangeable insert and send effects, supporting Audio Unit, Inter-App Audio or internal effects plug-ins. Effects are easily rearranged by simple tap and move operations. Plus, Cubasis 2 in-app purchases can easily be transferred to the new version so existing effects are easily ported over.

Other notable features include: • MIDI editing improved with resolution of 960 pulses per quarter note (PPQN) for high precision edits. • Enhanced audio, MIDI and automation editors with dedicated toolbars. • 75 new effects presets to speed up mobile workflow. • Lightning fast Undo and Redo with History List for easy navigation. • Continued playback while performing Undo, Redo and more. • Redesigned, modern interfaces for Micrologue, MicroSonic, MiniSampler and internal effects. • Improved MediaBay makes it easier to create folders, move files, preview and load instruments and share your music. • Overdub and looper recording modes. • All new expressive instrument sounds for MicroSonic. • Vertical Event Coloring to easily differentiate musical parts. • Audio Unit MIDI effects automation. • Micrologue ARP (IAP) automation.

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Cubasis is Steinberg's full-featured DAW for mobile devices. Specially designed for quick and easy operation, Cubasis makes recording, editing and mixing a breeze. Record tracks in high-resolution audio quality, and edit your music with the Key and Sample Editors, while the...