YouTube is implementing a copyright match tool to delete unofficial upload mirrors

over 3 years ago by IanDorfman

YouTube users that reupload content from other sources unofficially are about the have a rough time going about it.

Fabio Magagna, Product Manager for YouTube's Copyright Match Tool, detailed the copyright matching tool. Similar to YouTube's Content ID system, after a user uploads a video, the service analyzes videos and finds ones that already exist that are "the same or very similar." Videos that meet those criteria are put in a queue that the original uploader of the content can choose how to handle on an upload-by-upload basis. That user can choose to take no action, give the other user a 7-day period to correct the issue, or immediately take the video down and message the user about the unauthorized reupload.

Magagna went on to note that the webform is still a viable option for those that wish to dispute unauthorized use of clips of content as opposed to full or nearly full reuploads or mirrors. The takedown requests will also be reviewed to make sure they are in compliance with YouTube's copyright policy.

The Copyright Match Tool will be available to YouTube users with over 100,000 subscribers starting next week, with the rollout increasing "over the coming months."


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