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New filtering features in YouTube Kids aim to protect children

over 3 years ago by IanDorfman

Google has announced that it is rolling out more features in its YouTube Kids app in order to further protect children from content that could be considered harmful, disturbing, or otherwise inappropriate for their consumption.

On the official YouTube blog, James Beser, Product Director for YouTube Kids, detailed these upcoming changes. The app will now "offer collections of trusted channels on a variety of subjects," enabling parents to select what sources of content their children can consume. The "search off" function of the app that allows parents to ensure that their kids can't search for content on YouTube will now further limit what content they can reach to channels selected and verified by the in-person YouTube Kids team. Finally, the app will also deliver a "parent approved content" feature that will limit what kids can watch to specifically what parents hand select for their children.

All of these features except for parental video-by-video whitelisting will be implemented into the Small YouTube Kids iconYouTube Kids app this week. The parent approved content feature will roll out to the YouTube Kids app "later this year."

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YouTube Kids is the safe video discovery experience made for kids. Exploration is made easy by categories like Shows, Music, Learning, Gaming and Explore. Meanwhile, adults can easily maintain control through easy-to-access a grown-up control system.

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