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Flickr has been sold by Yahoo to SmugMug

over 4 years ago by IanDorfman

Flickr is now under new ownership. After being owned by Yahoo for over 13 years, the photo-sharing network has been acquired by SmugMug, a paid photo sharing site.

The CEO of SmugMug (and now Flickr as well), Don MacAskill, stated on Twitter that the company "will move heaven and earth to thrill you and photographers everywhere."

Although not too much information has been disclosed about the ramifications of the deal on either SmugMug or Flickr's offerings as photo sharing sites, both companies are presenting a conservative beginning. According to SmugMug's FAQ page about the acquisition, the following points will remain true following the acquisition (as worded by gHacks):

  • Flickr accounts and SmugMug accounts will continue to work just like before.
  • Photos won't be moved or changed.
  • Flickr will continue to offer a free version.
  • Flickr's pricing for Pro customers won't change.
  • All Flickr users will get emails asking them to accept SmugMug's Terms of Service.
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