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VLC 3.0 released, includes support for HDR, 10-bit video, and Chromecast

Published 2/12/2018 by IanDorfman

VideoLAN has released version 3.0 of its flagship open source software Small VLC Media Player iconVLC Media Player. Named "Vetinari," this is the first major release for the software in over three years. This release shifts the default decoding method to hardware-based in order to facilitate playback of video content in 4K (2160p) and 8K (4320p) resolutions. It also supports video encoded with 10-bit and High Dynamic Range properties, as well as 360 degree videos.

Audio codec enhancements include support for HD audio passthrough and 3D audio (EAC3 and TRUEHD passthrough for Small PulseAudio iconPulseAudio), alongside a pitch shifting module and reworks of the Small iOS iconiOS and Small macOS iconmacOS AudioUnit modules and a complete rewrite of the AudioTrack Small Android iconAndroid output.

Arguably one of the most impressive new features of this 3.0 release is complete support for Chromecast streaming, even in formats the Chromecast does not natively support. As VideoLAN told to Ars Technica ( ):

"Chromecast support in VLC 3.0 is fully open-source for all platforms! That’s the reason why it took us so long to ship as we completely reverse-engineered the entire thing. The closed-source component by Google can’t be used for legal reasons in VLC, isn’t compatible with Macs, Linux and Windows and supports a very limited set of codecs only. With our code, you can play basically anything VLC can decode on your Chromecast (as we transcode on-the-fly if needed)."

For VLC 3.0 Vetinari's full release notes, as well as a link to its full changelog, visit .

VLC 3.0 is available on Small Windows XP iconWindows XP and later, Small macOS iconmacOS 10.7 Lion and later, operating systems running off of Small Linux kernel iconLinux kernel (as well as a direct release on Small Ubuntu iconUbuntu and BSD derivatives such as Small FreeBSD iconFreeBSD) Small iOS iconiOS 7 and later, Small Android iconAndroid 2.3 and later, Windows Phone 8.1, Small Windows 10 Mobile iconWindows 10 Mobile, and Xbox One.

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