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Firefox 60's nightly builds point towards harder to access individual cookie management

over 4 years ago by IanDorfman

Update (February 28th): I've edited the title and methods of accessing individual cookie management within Firefox 60's nightly builds based on feedback from AlternativeTo user tjfadness. Thank you very much for messaging! If anyone has any corrections for any articles posted in the future, please feel free to message me or another AlternativeTo crew member.

The latest nightly build for Mozilla's popular Firefox web browser has a noticeable omission that users quickly identified: individual cookies can no longer be easily deleted from the Firefox preferences page.

According to this report by our friends at gHacks, these are the changes made to the privacy section of Firefox's preferences page: • History lists only three options. The "request cookies from websites" option is no longer listed under History. • A new Cookies and Site Data section is available. It lists the cookie preferences that were listed under History in previous versions. • The "show cookies" link has been removed from the history. It is replaced by a combined management option that includes Site Data and cookies.

In addition, here's what the Firefox developer that implemented the change, Johann Hofmann, has stated on Reddit:

"The idea is that while you, fellow smart technologists, will have no issues understanding the differences between cookies, LocalStorage and indexedDB, most users actually don't and thus they don't realize that websites use all three to store identifying information (we did user research on this). Thus the spec recommends presenting them together, which we now do. This reduced presentation will allow us to better present other relevant information to the user in the future (such as when the data was last accessed or, potentially, which data is exclusively stored by third party trackers). The developer tools offer full granular control over all of cookies, localstorage, indexedDB and cache. In my opinion, if you inspect cookies or localStorage you are using developer features. Sorry if this causes a switch in habits for some of you folks."

However, not all is lost for Firefox users that wish to manage their individual cookies. Here are three methods that some commenters from gHacks have taken in order to manage their individual cookies in Firefox 60's nightly builds:

  1. Load chrome://browser/content/preferences/cookies.xul to display the dialog.
  2. Click on the information button in the Firefox address bar, and navigate to "right arrow" > More Information > View Cookies. Erase the site name to list all set cookies.
  3. Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Shift-I to open the Developer Tools and switch to the Storage tab (enable it under settings if it is not there). This lists only the cookies for the active site.

For alternatives to Mozilla Firefox that will continue to offer complete and easy to access individual cookie management, you're in the right place!

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