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Google is allowing users to control data for the individual apps they use

Google is allowing users to control data for the individual apps they use

over 4 years ago by IanDorfman

In the wake of recent privacy controversies involving Facebook and other major companies, steps to give users more control over their data have become very commonplace. This has only increased with the enactment of GDPR. That being said, some companies have been relatively slow to adopt giving users more granular data control, including Google. This will now change.

Announced by Eric Miraglia, Google's Director of Product Management for Privacy at the company's Data Protection Office on its official blog, Google has further refined its new Google Account controls that were originally introduced earlier this year. Users can now access and delete their search activity directly from (with a link to the company's personalized data privacy advisor). In addition, users can also control what information is saved to your account and what kinds of ads you see (as well as to what degree personalization based on search data and cross-site tracking impacts them).

Starting today, Google Account holders will be able to access more detailed information on their Google Search history from both their desktops and the mobile web. This will be expanded to the Android and iOS apps "in the coming weeks." This additional detail and control will be expanded to Google Maps in 2019, with "many other Google products" to follow.

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over 4 years ago by IanDorfman

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