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Run classic Mac apps in your browser at The Internet Archive

Published 4/20/2017 by Ugotsta

The Internet Archive describes itself as a library but it's so much more than that. The site boasts massive collections of vintage media from stock photos and footage to audio recordings and books. For anyone interested in the history of computing though, it's a dream come true. Offering more than just descriptions and details on classic software, the site lets you run the software through in-browser emulation. And while it already houses scores of classics, it's continually adding more. It has now added classic Macintosh computer software in a new collection.

Check it out here:

That's just one of the many collections included in this growing library. You can find and run software and games from numerous vintage computer and video game systems including Atari 2600, ZX Spectrum and Apple II computers. Check out the archives at the Software Library or more specifically for console systems, Small The Console Living Room iconThe Console Living Room .

This unique library also serves the history of the web through the Small Wayback Machine iconWayback Machine . It's also home to Small Open Library iconOpen Library . The site is basically one of those invaluable resources like Wikipedia where the more you use the internet, the more you end up there.

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